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Tales of The Brothers Gibb


Name: Robin Hugh Gibb

Birthday: 3:15 a.m. December 22, 1949. Douglas, Isle of Man, U.K.

Eyes Colour: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Spouse: Dwina Gibb, married on July 31, 1985

Children: Spencer, Melissa and Robin John Gibb

Handedness: Right-handed

Fast Facts

~ Stands in the middle on stage.
~ Maurice used to call Robin "Bodding" when they were kids.
~ Robin was a fire-bug when he was a kid. He sneaked fire into the house and hid matches under the bed.
~ Used to fake-fight with Barry on the street when they were kids.
~ Survived from a serious train crash.
~ Has mental "connection" with Maurice
~ Plays piano and cello.
~ Read a lot and has a really good memory.
~ Writes short stories and poems.
~ Favorite colonge is Eau De Cologne 4711 Ice from East Africa.