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Tales of The Brothers Gibb


Name: Barry Alan Crompton Gibb

Birthday: 8:45 a.m. September 1, 1946. Douglas, Isle of Man, U.K.

Eyes Colour: Brown

Height: 5'12"

Spouse: Linda Gibb, married on Sept. 1970

Children: Stephen, Ashley, Travis, Michael, and Alexandra

Handedness: Left-handed. But he plays guitar right-handed.

Fast Facts

~ Stands on the right on stage
~ Barry was burnt by a pot of tea when he was only 18 months old. He didn't start talking till 3 due to this accident.
~ Very shy when he was a kid
~ Started writing songs when he was about 11.
~ Plays guitar with open tuning.
~ Used to fake-fight with Robin on the street when they were kids.
~ Once stole a postman's bike.
~ Plays tennis and watches cartoons.
~ Used to carry rings around to get girls.