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Tales of The Brothers Gibb

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"Three voices. One microphone. Magic."

This site is dedicated to my favorite band of all time, The Bee Gees. The Gibb Brothers have created magical songs for 4 decades, their records have sold well more than 110 million copies and counting world wide. And as songwriters, they have written and produced dozens of hits for themselves and other artists including Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers and many more. They are also the only songwriters who managed to have 5 songs on the top 10 hits at the same time.

This site will bring you news, information, photos and links to other Bee Gees sites. I will update this site frequently, so come back and visit! And don't forget to check the message board.

Thank you for visiting my site!


The Bee Gees are:

Barry Gibb: Vocals, Guitar
Robin Gibb: Vocals
Maurice Gibb: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards


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Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The Bee Gees' Greatest Hits,
"The Record"

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